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basic nutritional advice for great health

For your health, eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day “,” For your health, eat less fat and less salty “,” For your health avoid alcohol abuse “: for those who watch TV, you are subject daily to these redundant and unnecessary advertising messages. No one will say to themselves when they hear that “Yes, they are right, I’m going to do a little jogging! “In addition, these messages are far too simplistic and incomplete, note the irony when they dare to put” Eat less fat and less salty “at the end of an advertisement for McDo’s new burger, it always makes me laugh!

Here are 6 REAL tips to keep you fit and healthy for as long as you can, tips that you will NEVER see on TV.

1) Follow the basic nutritional advice

The most important thing is to follow the dietary recommendations that I outlined in my previous article “What can (still) eat today? ”

Here is a brief reminder:

Do not go to fast food: it’s not new, it’s the worst thing to do. See the Americans …
Stop food stuffed with dyes, preservatives, full of “E”: chips, Curly, sodas, syrup …
Ban foods with high glycemic index: classic baguette, white pasta, white rice, refined sugar …
Eat low GI foods: vegetables, legumes, oilseeds …

Avoid gluten, lactose and casein: pasta, bread, cakes, wheat flour, animal milks, cheese, butter, margarine, yogurt, cottage cheese … All these foods promote intestinal permeability, contributing to the development of an impressive number diseases: from schizophrenia to osteoarthritis, through rheumatoid arthritis, … in short, all kinds of pathologies.

Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal: take them organic because some are highly processed in conventional agriculture. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc … Vary, all are good for health. To quote a well-known slogan: “Eat all! ”

Limit consumption of red meat and large fish: Red meat contains antibiotics, toxins, many saturated fats. If you take it, it is essential to take it bio (because chemicals love to store in fat). For fish, avoid those at the top of the food chain (so the bigger ones) because they have a high concentration of heavy metals. You can eat white meat several times a week but prefer organic.

Eat organic eggs: very good for health, consume them without hesitation!

Optimize your intake of Omega-3: olive oil, rapeseed, flax, oily fish (sardines, salmon, mackerel …). All these foods are good for the heart, the memory, the mood. Omega-3s even help with weight loss!