Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Take dietary suppléments

This point completes the previous one in the sense that if you have optimal vitamin and mineral status, you will be healthier, your visits to the doctor will be rare, you will not spend money on drugs.

I mentioned it in another article but it is necessary to detail vitamin C and vitamin D:

Vitamin C: the peculiarity is that Man is one of the only species that does not synthesize it. That’s why it must be brought by the food. Only the fruits and vegetables that bring us are less rich in vitamin C than before. In addition, the needs are greater with our modern life: cities polluted, cigarette, drugs consumed in excess, too much sport for some, stress, a lot of stress. For example, a pack of cigarettes destroys 500 mg of vitamin C! All these factors lead to an overproduction of free radicals in the body that vitamin C is responsible for neutralizing. As a result, the level of vitamin C in the blood is considerably reduced and we are particularly fragile. This is how it is very easy to catch a cold, a flu or worse. The famous “Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day” is therefore insufficient for anyone wanting to take care of their health. In general, 1 to 2 grams in supplementation is a good thing. Adjust your supplementation according to your factor exposure rate above and according to your feelings. According to some researchers the needs can go up to more than 10 grams. The surplus is eliminated in the urine. Too much will cause diarrhea. Choose a pure vitamin C, that is to say no capsule or tablet, take the powder. Take it under the name “L-ascorbic acid dextrorotatory” is the only interesting. To my knowledge this is not in pharmacy, and this is all the irony, so you have to buy it on the internet. Vitamin C in pharmacy (with dyes, flavors, added sugar) sells up to more than 10 € for 30 tablets of 500 mg (15 days of use at 1g / d), that would be more than 200 € per year ! I got mine at less than 60 € for a pot of 1 kg without any additives. Calculate the difference.

Vitamin D: the skin synthesizes it directly when exposed to sunlight. It should be known that it is the UVB that allows its synthesis and that the windows filter the UVB, so you do not produce vitamin D through a glass! Pollution and sunscreen greatly reduce this synthesis. The synthesis is most important in the hottest hours of the day. To have your daily dose, expose yourself 15 minutes, with the least possible clothing and without sunscreen between noon and two. That’s for the summer. In winter, it is necessary to supplement because this synthesis is no longer possible (80% of the French population is deficient in winter). The other possible contribution is through diet, but no food is rich enough in vitamin D to cover our needs. It would be necessary to eat several kilograms of fish every day, considering the price and the heavy metals which they contain, it is not the solution that I suggest to you! I advise the daily intake of 4000-5000 IU (2000 IU for 30 kg of weight). This supplement prevents osteoporosis, protects against fifteen cancers, has a beneficial effect on immunity … Many studies have proven all these benefits. Go shopping for Zyma D, it’s really cheap compared to the effects on health. Do a regular vitamin D dosage to check your vitamin D levels in the blood.

Multivitamin complex: in the context of stress, lack of vitamins in the environment, etc., it is very useful to take a multivitamin supplement to fight against stress and fatigue. These supplements are rich in antioxidants. One of the best on the market is the NuPower. Check the absence of iron, copper and manganese if you opt for another. This is a very important criterion for the choice of a product, do not bring these metals in the form of food supplement. If you are afraid of an overdose while taking vitamin C + vitamin D + NuPower or other multivitamin, do not worry, the NuPower contains few of these vitamins because the French legislation on food supplements imposes restrictions.